The Perfect Lone Hand Award Program started on June 1st 2014. It has been a very interesting year. There have been 37 Perfect Lone Hands in the past year. When we started the program it was unknown how often that the PLH would happen. I believe it has added more interest to the game of Euchre. I want to see the plan to continue with the new “PLH POOL” program starting June 1st, 2015.

Don Butler 


(starting June 1st 2015)
Award Entry Fee - $1.00 - Per Player

A Major Award will be the Perfect Lone Hand prize. Which will be paid to the 1st (entered) player to record a Perfect Lone Hand in that Tournament play. (90% pay-out, 10% for expenses).

This Perfect Lone Hand award is a separate prize and is only paid to one player. In order to win this award you must make trump and have the Right Bower, Left Bower, Ace, King and Queen of the same suit or should you be the dealer you must make trump and have these cards after your discard. (This is considered a Perfect Lone Hand.) The TD must be called over to your table to verify your Perfect Lone Hand. If two perfect lone hands are called at same time those players' scorecard will determine winner and who was 1st. If perfect lone hand award remains unclaimed after completing the TOURNAMENT play, it will carry over to the next TOURNAMENT.

POOL GUIDELINES: In order to win the pool the player must have paid into the pool. When the pool is unclaimed and carried over, a new entry the next week would only claim 20%, 30%, 40% of the accumulated pool. When a player has entered 4 times, the player would win the total pool.
Non pool players with a PLH will be awarded a certificate only.